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05 TRADITIONAL APPRAISAL provides mortgage professionals with a suite of tools that streamline the loan qualification process by offering cost-effective, quick, and reliable valuation solutions for commercial real estate properties.

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Introducing QuickValue, a cutting edge automated valuation tool for the commercial real estate sector, including industrial, office, retail, and multi-family properties.


By analyzing essential property data and standard loan underwriting criteria, QuickValue determines available cash flow and calculates a property value range within seconds. Market indicators such as vacancy rates, rental rate ranges, and operating expense averages are assessed to gauge confidence in the property valuation.

QuickValue can save mortgage professionals weeks of time spent working on transactions that may never qualify for a loan. Best of all, QuickValue is free!

Introducing AssetWatch, a  fully regulatory compliant appraisal tailored to address challenges associated with examination compliance, impairment calculations, risk monitoring, asset and loan restructuring, and asset disposition. 


AssetWatch optimizes loan management processes, mitigates risk, and streamlines asset monitoring – all while promoting transparency and efficiency in your organization. Experience the power of AssetWatch and elevate your commercial real estate management to new heights.

Introducing DeskAppraisal, a cost-effective appraisal solution for the commercial real estate sector. By eliminating the need for a physical inspection, DeskAppraisal offers a faster and more affordable alternative to traditional appraisals.

Leveraging extensive market data and expert analysis, DeskAppraisal provides accurate and reliable property valuations. Experience the convenience and efficiency of DeskAppraisal and streamline your commercial real estate management.

A comprehensive and reliable appraisal solution for the commercial real estate sector. A traditional appraisal combines a thorough physical inspection with extensive market data analysis, ensuring the most accurate and detailed property valuation possible. By leveraging our team of experienced appraisers, a full narrative appraisal provides a complete understanding of the property's condition, market position, and value. Trust the expertise of a traditional appraisal to support your commercial real estate decisions with confidence.

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